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The Answers to All Your Questions

How did IImagineIndia start?

A few of us from PGPX (class of 2009), IIM Ahmedabad, established IImagineIndia during the second wave of COVID-19, with a motivation to actively participate in the betterment of our society.

What is IImagineIndia's goal?

Our goal is to see an India in which every child in school is assured of world-class learning outcomes.

What sector does IImagineIndia work in?

Our objective is to support the education sector at grassroots level in India. In this endeavour we identify, evaluate and partner with smaller NGOs or Social Entrepreneurs that are capable of creating change in the education sector but are not able to garner enough support like their larger counterparts.

Why is IImagineIndia focusing on supporting NGOs instead of helping high achievers in school themselves?

We believe that learning poverty in primary education is a key challenge and it makes more sense to take an ecosystem approach to address areas that lead to it in the first place. It may be challenging to identify high achievers at pre-primary and primary stage, as everyone starts equal in our view.

What parameters do you use to evaluate which NGO requires your support?

We support NGOs/SEs focusing on improving pre-primary/primary education in India through a scalable approach leveraging technology.

Do you focus on any specific geographical locations?

We are open to supporting NGOs/Social Entrepreneurs across India irrespective of their location as long as they pass our selection criteria for funding and support.

How does IImagineIndia know if a particular initiative has yielded results or not?

We will use an Input (whether the money was deployed for the purpose it was given for), Output (monitoring the output achieved – like a number of teachers trained, for example) and Outcome (effect on long term objectives related to improving education in India) format to assess the initiatives that we support.

What is IImagineIndia’s main source of funds?

Our only source of funds is through donations from founding members of IImagineIndia and others who have come forward to donate to the cause.

How can I contribute to IImagineIndia?

There are multiple ways one can contribute to IImagineIndia - 

a) Monetary contributions - Donate money to fund partner NGOs/Social Entrepreneurs (SEs). Please write to [email protected].

b) Non-monetary contributions - Suggest NGOs/SEs for our evaluation, spread the word about IImagineIndia, provide expert advice to partner NGOs/SEs in the areas of technology/operations/marketing etc. 

Please write to [email protected]

How will I know how my monetary contribution is being utilised?

We will share regular updates through newsletters, scheduled donor update calls and website updates.