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Key Education Foundation

KEF focuses on enabling pre-primary education (pre-school/LKG/UKG) in government schools which was hitherto unavailable/scarce. They have developed model pre-primary classrooms, equipped with relevant learning tools. They’ve also developed technology-based continuous parent-teacher interaction mechanisms. They work with the Karnataka government in rolling out their model pre-primary classrooms in government schools under the government’s Samagra Shiksha Karnataka initiative. KEF also works on teachers’ professional development, parent and community engagement, and home learning programs.

Sanjhi Sikhya Foundation

SS focuses on stakeholders in the primary education space for government schools (Local Panchayats, DEO, and the State Education Department). Their “Punjab Youth Leaders Program (PYLP)” addresses the problem of leadership deficit at the school and community level by mobilising local community support, filling knowledge gaps, facilitating collective problem-solving, and enabling sharing and collaboration across schools in a cluster. Other features of their work include Teacher & Community Collectives and enabling systemic change by supporting leaders at various levels. They are currently present in 2 districts in Punjab.

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"Karunodaya focuses on minimizing dropouts and improving student learning outcomes. They are currently operating in Gaya District of Bihar. 

Karunodaya’s vision is to ensure quality language learning for primary-grade students and improve the teaching skills of teachers of Government Schools through Library activities such as Read Aloud, Book Talk and storytelling. They have set a target of ensuring the Foundational Literacy to 1 Lakh Students of Government Schools through Children’s Library in the next five years.

Currently, Karundoaya has set up the library in 50 Schools in Gaya District and they are now working with DIET to scale the program at the District level and till now capacitate 800 teachers on library activities. "

A Day in a KEF Classroom

Sanjhi Sikhya's Effect on Patiala's Schools