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Our focus area

Mid sized NGOs in the education sector

India’s developmental needs (both immediate and longer term) are significant in terms of scale and complexity – particularly in areas such as education, health and issues pertaining to the environment.
To create impact across India, we need several good NGOs/SEs with new ideas and drive. Novel ideas typically start as small and medium NGOs/SEs. They need help in the initial years to scale up to a size that allows them to survive and create impact.

As an organisation, we decided to focus on mid-sized NGOs in the education sector, with a preference for those working in primary education. As we evolve and gain experience, we may expand our scope to other sectors as well.

what we do for donors

A well structured process to shortlist, select and oversee the work.

Raise Funds

Shortlist NGOs based on our criteria

Identify activity for the best use of funds at each NGO

Monitor the use of funds

Provide advice/guidance as necessary to our funded NGOs/ SEs

Impact assessment of the projects

what we do for NGOs

Funding + Advice + Awareness

Our entire engagement process is designed to be transparent and professional. We intend to enable the long-term success of the NGOs/SEs with whom we associate. 

• Funding: The funding we provide will be in the nature of a grant. We will not seek any debt or equity  instruments in return for our funding.

• Advice: We can provide Advisory interventions to our selected NGOs based on the professional experience of our founding team members. It may also be via cross-organizational learning among our portfolio of selected NGOs/SEs in areas such as use of technology, brand building, organisational or managerial practices, etc.

• Awareness: We will help to create awareness for the selected NGOs within the limited means at our disposal.

Types of NGOs/SEs

High level evaluation parameter

Education Focused

We are open to evaluating any education-focused NGO/SE, which has been in operation for at least 2 years


We are looking for some track record of impact, and some degree of uniqueness in the nature of the services/solutions they provide.

No Political Affiliation

We would prefer an organisation with no political affiliation.

Social start-ups

Our ultimate goal is to promote social start-ups which hold the most promise in terms of long-term and sustainable impact